Where is your game going to go this year?

How do you know where your going if you don’t have a road map (or GPS)?  The same is true for your golf game.  Keeping your statistics is a must if you really want to find out where you need to improve.  I have partnered with MyGolfGamePlan.com to help my students track their stats and to come up with a plan to really improve their game.

Click on the link on the left side of my site to go to their website and start tracking your stats.  You can select me as your instructor and I will be sent updates every time you post a score.  For only $10 per year you can see where you are losing shots and what you need to work on to improve your game once and for all.

I have talked to many players that don’t track their stats and don’t really understand their game.  Some players routinely have 38 to 40 putts per round yet don’t spend any time on their putting.  What if your up and down percentage was 10%?  You might want to spend most of your time at the shortgame area.

Start tracking your stats and get your game on the road to lower scores.

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