Start with your follow-through to fix your swing flaws

If you have a swing flaw that you just can’t fix, I have a simple way to improve it.  Create the proper position in your follow-through first, make your backswing, THEN swing your club back to the proper position.  I have an example below of a player that tends to hit hooks to the left and blocks and pushes to the right.  The club is WAY under plane on the downswing and is moving way too much from inside to out.  This will tend to produce thin and fat shots and hooks and blocks (with the occasional good shot mixed in).  The hands exit high on the follow-through as a result of this.

o chang under plane

o chang high finish

We did two things to fix this problem.  First – we put a stick in the ground to force the player to get the club more out in front of her and on plane.  Second – we started the swing with follow-through first and then swung the club back and returned to the correct position.  The simple feel for this player was to swing more to the left.

As you can see in the pictures below, the club is much more on plane and the finish is much more to the left.  This immediately produced a straighter ball flight with more solid contact.

o chang on planeo chang good follow through

If you can start your swing from the position you want to be in on your follow-through, it will be much easier to get there when you make your swing.

Have fun and play well.


One thought on “Start with your follow-through to fix your swing flaws

  1. Mark:

    Reminder for setting up a Trackman lesson for me in the next couple of weeks. My availability is generally good. Let me know what works for you. I know I will be out of town on 27 and 28 March. Otherwise I am pretty much around.

    Duby 215-192-6359

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