Swing a stick to increase your clubhead speed

Sometimes golf is too complicated.  You can over analyze what you are doing and forget that the goal is to SWING the club.  Swing it back, swing it through – you can’t get any simpler than that.  Here is a great drill to work on your increasing your clubhead speed and ultimately your distance.  Grab an alignment stick and swing it like a golf club, but don’t hit the ground. Try to swing it fast and create a loud “swoosh” with the stick.  The faster you swing it, the louder the swoosh.

Click on the video below to see a simple drill to increase your clubhead speed

The keys to this drill are simple:  

wrist cock

Create a good wrist cock on your backswing


Keep your left arm straight through impact


Extend your arms and re-hinge the club on your follow-through

Swoosh away……and enjoy the extra distance!

Here is what a fast “swoosh” should sound like –

2 thoughts on “Swing a stick to increase your clubhead speed

  1. I have wondered about swinging the stick. My swing speed with radar was 80mph. My swing with rt. hand only with stick was 118mph and left 106. With both hands on I can’t swing this stick with any speed. Thoughts?

    • Dean,

      That is interesting. I have not done any testing with swinging the stick with one hand or the other and comparing that to swinging with both hands. The hands are certainly one of the power sources in the swing, but the core is another. Make sure you are turning your body quickly as well. (Tough to know without seeing you in person) Best of luck! Mark

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