Anderson Project – Episode 2

After a month without a laptop, I am back.  Just a tip…..Don’t leave your laptop out in the hot sun for 10 hours without protection.  I am excited to post Episode #2 of the Anderson Project – the Driver Lesson.  I have been struggling with the driver (and taking a divot,  bunker shots and other things as well, but we will get to that) so I wanted to focus on improving off of the tee.  I have a tendency to miss the ball both ways and hit the ball out on the toe.  I am pleased with the progress I made, but I still have a long way to go.

I have recently been playing a little bit more and will show my progress in Episode #3 – coming soon now that I have my laptop back!  My kids are totally hooked on golf, so when we play, I play righthanded with them.  I tied my 10 year old the other day by shooting 51 for 9 holes from the member tees.  He shot 51 from the red tees.  He wanted a playoff, I was very happy with the tie.  :>)

I am going to work on taking divots in my next lesson and report on my first 18 hole round at the Cricket Club.

Have fun and play well,


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