Anderson Project – Episode 4 – On the road

Episode 4 is the first episode in which we take the show on the road.   A couple of times a year I head over to Overbrook Golf Club to spend some time with Eric Kennedy.  Eric is the Head Golf Professional and is an excellent player and teacher.  We spend hours talking about the golf swing, trying different things and seeing who can put up quad zeros (Zero Path, Zero Face, Zero Launch Direction, and Zero Spin Axis Tilt).   If you can put up “quads”, you are basically hitting the ball dead straight.  Not necessarily the best way to play golf, but it is fun to try to do it.

Here is a picture of my 8 year old son putting up “quads” on TrackMan.

ryan quads
Eric and I were talking about golf swings and he was talking about using the ground properly in your swing.  I was interested in learning more, so I hit a few balls and he showed me what I needed to do to improve my footwork.  I have been struggling with the transition in my swing, and I definitely needed some help in improving the way I was using my lower body.  Episode 4 was an impromptu session filmed at Overbrook and focuses on how I can improve my footwork and how I use the ground when I am swinging.

Have fun and play well,


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