Who should use Trackman?

This is a simple question with an easy answer.  Anyone that wants to improve their ball-striking could benefit from using Trackman.  Does it mean that I use it with every single lesson? No, but it certainly is helpful to increase the student’s understanding of what they need to do with their swing to improve their numbers and their ball flight.  I had a lesson with Nik the other day who is a total beginner.  He is athletic (surfer, snowboarder, x-games type), but totally new to golf.

I put him on Trackman and the biggest thing that we looked at was his clubface.  When he started the lesson he was hitting every shot to the right – in some cases over 100 ft. right of the target.  We made a small tweak to his grip and worked on the tension in his hands and arms.  He started the lesson with a face position that was 12-20 degrees open at impact.  We discussed the relationship of the face to the starting position of the ball and worked on squaring the face at impact.  By the end of the lesson his face position was only 2 to 4 degrees open and he hit a beautiful draw that we captured on Trackman that finished 4.5 ft right of the target.  Well done Nik!!!

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