Rake leaves to improve your golf swing!

Who knew that raking leaves could help you with your golf game?  Every fall most of us spend hours raking leaves in the yard.  Why not use this as time to work on your golf swing as well?

There are many power sources in the golf swing, but the main things that determine your clubhead speed are your weight shift, body rotation and hand speed.  If you work on improving your core strength, you will hit the ball farther.  When you are raking leaves, engage your core when you are moving the rake.  This will get your lower body to simulate the action in the golf swing.  Shift your weight and turn your body when you are raking and you will be able to push the leaves with more power.  If you work on this movement it will help you with your swing and could translate to more distance the next time you play.

My kids (7 and 9) wanted to be in one of my videos, so I let them film this video for me.  Forgive the shaky moments with the camera.  At the end of the video, they show you how to really have fun with the leaves!  Thanks Ryan and Corey!

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