Training for the 2013 golf season starts now!

I am very excited to announce that we have set up our indoor teaching facility at the Philadelphia Cricket Club.  We will be teaching in the Militia Hill Clubhouse in the winter months and will be preparing our students to play their best golf ever in 2013.

pictures - videos from Galaxy Oct-Nov 2012 943

pictures - videos from Galaxy Oct-Nov 2012 940

There are many advantages to training indoors:

1.  You are in a controlled environment – no wind or distractions
2.  We are using premium golf balls.  That’s right – Brand new Titleist Pro V1s
3.  You are not worried about playing.  It can be tough to make a swing change when you are trying to play.
4.  We can work on your total game – Putting, chipping, pitching and full swing.
5.  Did I mention it is 72 degrees inside? every day?

cricket winter setup 006

Training with Trackman is the ultimate way to get your game in shape.  You can work on increasing your distance, improving the trajectory and curve of your shots and becoming more consistent.  You can really take your game to the next level and train like the pros.

indoor at cricket

I have a screen shot of a sample of shots taken from the Trackman Combine test that I took on Thursday.  This is the screen you will see when you hit your shots.  I have a monitor that sits on the ground so you can watch your ball fly after it hits the net.

Indoor Trackman screen
The Trackman Combine is a great way to test your ball striking and see what you need to work on.  Trackman has just introduced the indoor version of this test.  They now have a world-wide online leader board for the Combine.  You can see how you rank against other players of your handicap level.

Don’t spend another season shooting the same scores and being frustrated with your game.  I see so many people over the course of the year spending countless hours on the range trying to “find it”.  They hit hundreds of balls and then finally hit a good one and think “Oh yeah, I found it”.  Unfortunately, most of the time they didn’t really find anything, they just timed everything perfectly for one shot.  If you focus on making a change that directly affects the way the club impacts the ball, then you have truly “found it”

It really comes down to physics and all the ball knows is what the club tells it at impact.  If you don’t know what your club is doing or what it is supposed to do at impact it is rather difficult to hit the ball with any consistency or with the flight that you want.  Take the guesswork out of your game and get focused on improving this winter.

If you are interested in taking lessons this winter give me a call at 610-246-7331 or send me an email at  I am looking forward to helping you with your game.


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